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Do you want to see with your own eyes what God is doing in the middle east?

Are you interested in serving with locals involved in ministry?

DO you have a skill that you can provide in LEbanon?

Do You want to find out why so many muslims are coming to christ?

This is a pivotal time in history for ministry in the Middle East - a key point in the battle. Doors have been opened and God is moving in powerful ways. We see Lebanon as a strategic location for ministry and we believe that it is a key to unlock missions to the rest of the Middle East. Come and be involved in the place where thousands have come to Christ in the last few years. Come and gain a vision for the people here and the church in the Middle East. We are looking for men and women passionate about serving on strategic short term trips as well as for those passionate about becoming long term missionaries to Muslims throughout the world. We have a variety of programs that train individuals alongside national staff to learn how to evangelize and disciple cross culturally and then develop a personal ministry unique to their specific gifting. Follow the steps bellow to discover what trip is best fit for you.


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