Differing from the longer Internship, the Externship offers a one month immersion in ministry in the heart of Lebanon with an emphasis on training and evangelism. You will experience a broad overview of ministry in Lebanon while being assigned various language and evangelism projects. You will visit our other centers weekly to continue to grow in leadership and independence.

Goals for the Externship


Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ cross culturally across Lebanon.


Grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ while reaching the lost. We will use the Engaging Islam material to conduct a hands on training model where you will get to engage with people after each session


We hope for you to leave with a taste of what it could look like to work long term in ministry. Upon returning home, the goal of the externship is for the extern to have a heart for missions which can be used in sending or going in the future.

One of the core components of the Externship is the Horizons International Engage Course. Watch below to find out more information about that.