Biblical Missiology presents a positive approach to missions and directly challenges practices that do not honor God. Biblical Missiology also leads a global collaborative partnership of Christian leaders, converts from Islam, indigenous church leaders, missionaries, and theologians, to develop missions strategies that are both relevant and biblical.

Since 2009, has become a significant voice among scholars, churches, and Christians
who are seeking a gospel-oriented view on current missions trends and controversies. Horizons led the drive
to protect the term “Son of God” in Bible translations, and collected 15,000 petition signatures from Christians around the world.

As a result, churches, organizations, and denominations have taken positions calling for biblically faithful approaches to Bible translation.

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Biblical Missiology published a Statement of Practice to guide the global Church in a rming biblical approaches to missions, the role of
the church in missions, and crucial accuracy in Bible translations. Check it out and share it with your church’s missions committee!