Goals for our vision trip:


The main purpose of the Vision Trip is to inform and inspire Senders, Supporters, & Partners, and those wishing to experience firsthand the work going on in Lebanon in order to pursue long term ministry goals.


This trip is perfect for leaders wishing to partner with our vision and have a desire to become a resource through creating a sending community of short term teams, long term missionaries, fundraising, and global vision casting.


You will be able to return home with practical action steps for how to continue to grow in engagement with Horizons’ ministry in the Middle East and North Africa MENA in your efforts of growing a missional community.


Trip Length

The ideal length for a vision trip is at least one week in order to make sure we can visit all of our different sites. Being in the Middle East the only constant is change, so be prepared for plans to change at a moment's notice. With that in mind, the following is a general idea of what the general plan for a vision trip looks like:

Day 1:

Orientation and Tour of Center, Media Center, and Office in the heart of Lebanon. Meet and hear stories of national workers and believers.

Day 2:

Meet with our 5 Directors of Evangelism, Discipleship, Media, Kurdish Ministry, and Church Relations in order to share vision and goals and seek partnership opportunities

Day 3-5:

Spend a day at each of our other 3 centers located in Tripoli, Tyre, and the Bekaa Valley. Spend face-to-face time with national staff while being exposed to the full extent of our ministry.

Day 6:

Debrief. Intentional meeting time to discuss tangible action steps for continuing and growing in partnership.

Day 7:

Worship at a local national church.

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