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Muslim Ministry

One-fifth of the world’s people are Muslims who need to hear the Gospel. Many Muslims who profess faith in Jesus Christ fall away - frequently either returning to Islam or becoming atheists. There is a tremendous need for discipleship that solidly grounds converts from Islam in their new faith.

Horizons invites Muslims to a relationship with Jesus Christ through bold evangelism, Bible distribution, and humanitarian aid. Its initiatives are amazingly effective among Muslims, who are coming to faith in Christ and being discipled in increasing numbers.

Horizons intensively disciples new converts from Islam so that they are well grounded in their faith and can effectively lead other Muslims to faith in Christ.

  • Due to their diverse cultural experience and knowledge, Horizons’ staff are uniquely gifted in discipling Muslims.

  • Horizons challenges, trains, and equips national churches around the world in effective evangelism and discipleship.

  • Horizons invests time and financial resources in national church plants and national missions movements, coaching and enabling them to become self-sufficient.

Horizons helped catalyze and guide:

  • a church planting movement among Kurds in Iraq in the mid nineties, and

  • a successful church-planting movement among Albanian Muslims in Kosovo since 1994, which has resulted in thousands of professions of faith and the establishment of over 40 churches.

In 2012, Horizons began reaching out through its dynamic ministry center in Beirut, Lebanon that is impacting the Middle East and North Africa. Over the next three years, over 850 Muslims proclaimed faith in Christ and Horizons established three more centers and a media studio in Lebanon, and began sending Middle Eastern believers on short-term missions trips around the region.