You are here because you want to make a bigger impact.

Did you know? ...that you have a resource that is free for you, yet is very valuable for Horizons? It’s your network, and mobilizing it can make a huge impact on spreading the love of Christ to the world.

We believe that everyone should have the ability to not just double but triple their Kingdom impact! It’s really frustrating to want to be able to make a bigger impact but to think you can’t because of limited finances, and we understand that. Having worked and operated as a non profit for over 25 years, we’ve learned from experience how it can actually be easy and fun to get others involved in what you are passionate about!

Our supporters’ impact grows exponentially when they successfully mobilize their churches toward awareness and action. But how can you get your church and others involved? Do you already know how you want to get involved? Click Here.

How to get your church involved

  • Connect your church to Horizons
  • Organize a short-term missions trip
  • Bring a training event to your church
  • Take up a special offering

How to get involved online

  • Set up one-click online fundraising
  • Spread the word on social media

how to include your family & friends

  • Lead or join a prayer team
  • Host a small-group event

Already know how you want to multiply your impact?

Let us know how you want to get involved so we can help you :)

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