What is a donor page?

Donor pages are web pages created by donors themselves to raise funds for a project they are passionate about. Your donor page would include a photo of yourself and a little story about why you want to raise funds for whatever project you chose.

We have already created base pages for five specific projects. You can chose one of these projects to support, or you can talk to us about creating one of your own. 

Project 1: School of Hope Sponsorships

School of Hope, our Syrian refugee ministry and educational center in Beirut, provides schooling to 120 Syrian refugee children per year, both in traditional Syrian curriculum and in Bible studies. After the Syrian Civil War ends, these children will be called upon to rebuild their country, and we prepare them to build a brighter future for this largely Muslim population through knowledge and relationship with Christ. Many have already brought their families to Jesus! Currently we are seeking to expand the school accommodate more children.

Project 2: Lighthouses

We use the term "Lighthouse" to refer to the Horizons ministry centers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This is because each ministry center becomes a beacon of hope and a chance to see God’s light shining brightly into Muslim societies. We conduct evangelistic events, worship services, discipleship classes, and street evangelism in the areas surrounding our centers. In addition, lighthouses distribute food packages, clothing, and host community medical clinics. God willing, we hope to establish more than 100 lighthouses in the next 10 years!

Project 3: International Student Ministry

Our International Student Ministry is dedicated to “Reaching the Nations at our Doorstep.” With this mission, we have already cultivated thriving groups of Christian internationals on over 18 major campuses in seven states, discipling and mentoring students to follow Jesus. These students return to their home countries as educated and respected community members who are equipped to share the gospel with their families and others. In addition to cultural dinners, hikes, sports, and other events in a familial atmosphere, international students are paired with Christian families to foster relationship and connectedness with Christ.

Project 4: Kosovo

In the predominantly Muslim country of Kosovo, the all-Muslim- background BUM Church is thriving, and undertaking evangelistic outreach on a national level. Georges Houssney has worked with
church leadership to grow the church, from a tiny gathering of 3 believers into a movement of Muslim-background churches spanning all of Kosovo! As we covered in depth in the June 2018 issue, BUM Church has just completed inital construction of the largest Protestant Church building in the country. Additionally, the newly-formed Kosovo Bible Society has started translating the Bible into modern Albanian.


If you want to fundraise for a different project let us know here, and we will set it up within 24 hours and let you know.

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