Director of Operations

We are looking for men and women with a passion for sharing the gospel with Muslims and discipling a new generation of Christians from a Muslim background. Horizons has a heart for Muslims around the world from working in harmony with national churches to bring Jesus to lost to frontier missions amongst unreached people groups.


  • Boldly proclaiming the gospel in homes, streets, and day to day life
  • Developing new ministries to disciple believers and aiding in existing gospel ministries
  • Working alongside national staff to build up and unify the local church
  • Discovering the administrative needs of Horizons in the region and helping to staff those areas

Requirements For New Cross Cultural Workers:

  • Participate in the Horizons Internship
  • Attend a Cross Cultural Missions Preparation training
  • Attend a Language Acquisition training
  • Attend a Partnership Development training
  • Attend an Engaging Islam Intensive training


Requirements For Seasoned Cross Cultural Workers:

  • Meet with the MENA Regional Director and International Staff Coordinator for evaluation
  • Attend an Engaging Islam Intensive training