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Do you want to see with your own eyes what God is doing in the middle east?

if you are on this page then you would likely be interested in our beirut internship.

Beirut Internship

We are looking for men and women passionate about becoming long term missionaries to Muslims throughout the world. Our program trains individuals alongside national staff to learn how to evangelize and disciple cross culturally and then develop a personal ministry unique to their specific giftings.


  • Participate in training in Missions, Culture, and Language Acquisition
  • Working alongside national staff in local refugee ministries
  • Participation in local church and their ministries
  • Developing new relationships and opportunities to share the gospel with house visits, worship services, and small group ministry


  • Fill out Horizons Beirut Internship Application
  • Interview and subsequent pre-arrival orientation with the International Teams Coordinator

This ministry position requires the staff to raise salary through partnership development. Training will be provided in partnership development.

Inquire about this position or introduction yourself letting us know how you want to serve by emailing us at