Join the Challenge!!!

This Christmas season, the first $50,000 we receive will be doubled.
Make your gift count and help us ring in a fruitful new year!

Curious where your gifts will go? Here are our main Strategic Initiatives for 2019:

Outreach to Refugees – Deepen our Syrian and Kurdish refugee ministry by expanding our Children’s Ministries—which include School of Hope, Camp Love, and Good Shepherd Day Care—and through establishing more Lighthouse outreach centers to serve under-reached communities.

Indigenous Missions Development in Africa – Increase our involvement with ministries and churches in Zambia, Burundi, and other African countries, building sustainable business models that raise communities out of poverty so that they can financially support the local Church’s mission to conduct outreach and send Zambian missionaries overseas.

Bible Translation Society – Establish and found a new Bible translation society, focused on Biblical faithfulness and linguistic accuracy, which will begin translation projects and partner with some that are already underway.

The Middle East Center (MEC) – Invest in Middle East and North African church development through the Middle East Center—a central hub for missions development that houses academies for education, training, and sending. The MEC is already operating in Beirut, but God has shown us the growing need for a large facility that can serve all 22 countries in the Arab League by connecting them to Western missionaries and churches. 

By God’s grace, in 2019 Horizons International will continue serving
thousands of people by proclaiming the gospel, discipling the nations, and equipping the church.

Your prayer and support make this work possible.