Turkish World Ministries

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Reach the Unreached, Teach the Untaught, Love the Unloved, Share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the turkish world

Turkish World Ministries (TWM) exists to reach, teach, and train Turkish speaking people around the globe. 

Turkish people represent one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, and it is essential to disciple believers to become future leaders, train leaders to grow and be equipped in biblical theology, and provide believers with the mentorship and counseling they need to serve better in their country/city/church. 

Turkish World Ministries serves Turkish speaking believers and the Western Church in the following ways:

  • Providing Turkish-language biblical materials to churches.

  • Informing and educating Western churches about how to reach Muslim Turks.

  • Organizing biblical tours and mission trips in Turkey and Europe.

  • Connecting Turkish speaking believers and leaders with local churches. 

  • Serving as an organizational hub to unify the church and provide Turkish believers with resources for financial and spiritual covering. 

Who we are

Yuksel and Dijle Kurada are both Turkish believers with Muslim backgrounds. They were married in March 2001, and have two children, Kayra and Sammy. In Turkey, they started multiple churches, founded a Bible training center, and organized Christian summer camps. They encountered all kinds of persecution during their time in Turkey; Dijle ended up in the hospital and Yuksel was arrested multiple times. In 2009, they moved to the United States and served Muslim communities in Las Vegas and Houston before moving to Boulder, Colorado to join Horizons International in 2018.

The Kuradas burn with a passion for seeing the Turkish people experience the love of Jesus. Over 80 million people live in Turkey alone, and worldwide over 250 million people speak the Turkish language—yet there are only an estimated 7,000 Turkish believers. To the Kuradas, this represents a significant gap between the heart of God and the Turkish people He loves so much.   


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