You are here because you want to make a bigger impact.

Did you know? ...that you have a resource that is free for you, yet is very valuable for Horizons? It’s your network, and mobilizing it can make a huge impact on reaching Muslims for Christ.

We believe that everyone should have the ability to not just double but triple their Kingdom impact! It’s really frustrating to want to be able to make a bigger impact but to think you can’t because of limited finances, and we understand that. Having worked and operated as a non profit for over 25 years, we’ve learned from experience how it can actually be easy and fun to get others involved in what you are passionate about!

Below are five exciting options to help you triple your impact!

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.10.22 PM.png

1. Create your own donor page.

Donor Pages are an easy and fun way for you to partner with us in raising funds for specific exciting projects and it can be as easy as clicking a button! Go here to learn how to start you own page.

2. Personally reach out to friends and family.

The best way to get others involved is always personal. If you reach out to someone you want to get involved with Horizons with a text message it’s good, if you talk to them on the phone it’s even better, but if you take the time to go grab coffee and share about why you love ministry and why want to get them involved, that’s gold! Go here for more specific tips on how to reach out to friends and family.

3. Share about us on facebook

We have recently started a blog ( and we have all sorts of stories about proclaiming the gospel, discipling the nations, and equipping the church. It would be a huge blessing if you shared any of those posts on Facebook or Twitter. Or if you just want to say kind words, you can write a status and direct people to our website.

4. Get your church involved

One huge way in which you can triple your impact is by getting your church involved. We have come up with an email/ letter, which you can take and change to your liking and then send to your missions pastor. Go here to access the sample letter and other tips for engaging your church.