2017 Training Events

Our 2017 Signature Training Events are open for registration!  Visit our events page at www.engagingislam.org/events for more information and registration.

Legacy Conference 

Find out more details about our Legacy Conferences by clicking below.

Engaging Islam Intensive Course

Go deeper in your understanding of ministry to Muslims with these interactive and exciting week-long courses on Evangelism and Discipleship. Whether you are in full time ministry, or simply have a desire to learn more about ministry to Muslims—don’t miss out on these incredible training opportunities. Read what previous attendees had to say:

“I thank God for your training which has made all the difference. We’ve had fewer teammates leave from discouragement and we’ve seen more fruit from our ministry.”
“Thank you for guiding those who desire to work in the Muslim world. I know many people are trying to find a way to engage Islam—you guys have the answer.”

The Engage Course

Engage is a dynamic and interactive learning experience that will empower your witness to Muslims. Some of the most experienced evangelists and experts working with Muslims in America and around the world today will coach you to engage in life-transforming conversations with the Muslims living, working, and studying in your community.

Kicking off with an in-depth weekend retreat, the Seminar Model continues with six weekly sessions of interactive videos and lesson plans. Or you can take the Live Lecture Model and absorb the wisdom and experience of our speakers over ten sessions.

Cubs to Lions

Cubs to Lions is designed for both new and mature believers from Muslim backgrounds. Participants receive solid personal teaching from Middle Eastern teachers that will help new believers grow into solid, mature Christians and train mature believers to become disciplers and teachers.

Horizons Internships

Discipleship Internship

Who: Christians from Muslim backgrounds
When: One semester (Jan-May) 
What: Discipleship in Christian worldview, life, and disciplines. 
Where: Boulder, CO and/or Beirut, Lebanon

Ministry Internship

Who: Mature believers interested in ministry to Muslims and international students. 
When: One semester (Jan-May)
What: Equipping in knowledge, resources, and practical experience in international student ministry. 
Where: Boulder, CO and/or Beirut, Lebanon