What is a donor page?

Donor pages are web pages created by donors themselves to raise funds for a project they are passionate about. Your donor page would include a photo of yourself and a little story about why you want to raise funds for whatever project you chose.

We have already created base pages for five specific projects. You can chose one of these projects to support, or you can talk to us about creating one of your own. 

Project 1: School of Hope Sponsorships

At the School of Hope, Syrian refugee children are given an opportunity for education and a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! We are in need of 69 sponsors! For only $55/month you could be the sponsor of a Syrian refugee child and give them a chance for hope and a future. A chance to learn. A chance to meet Jesus. In addition, this year, we would love to bless the children with a playground. In the neighborhood, there are no parks or playgrounds for the children to play in. We are raising funds to bring in playground equipment so that the children can have a safe and fun place to play during recess. We need to raise $10K for this project!

Project 2: Lighthouses

We refer to our ministry centers as our lighthouses, where we bring the love, joy, and hope of Jesus to many seeking people. These are evangelical and humanitarian aid centers and we have four of them in Lebanon and two in Syria. We are always in need of support for these centers to increase our capacity to serve and provide to the locals and refugees.

Project 3: Tyre Land

We have recently purchase a large swath of land in Tyre, in the southern region of Lebanon. In addition to using this land for vacation Bible school for refugee kids, we plan to build a conference center for the local churches to use, a medical clinic, and an orphanage. We need to raise X to cover X costs.

Project 4: Middle East Center

We want to see the Church in the Middle East and North Africa send out large numbers of indigenous missionaries to effectively and efficiently make disciples for Christ in their region and globally. For this to happen we are planning to build a center for world missions in the heart of Beirut to be a catalyst for an explosion of Middle East missions. This is by far the largest project we have ever taken on.


If you want to fundraise for a different project let us know here, and we will set it up within 24 hours and let you know.

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