International Student Ministry Director - Boulder

The International Student Ministry Director is responsible to plan, implement and manage the ISM activities at the University of Colorado, Boulder campus by recruiting, training and organizing volunteers to share the gospel with international students through social activities, Bible studies, and Friendship Partner Programs. The goal of the ISM ministry is to win, build and send international students for Jesus Christ.

Skills needed: 

Ability to encourage and direct people, experience in ministering cross-culturally, organizational skills to plan and implement activities, demonstration of biblical leadership.


1.  Develop and lead team of volunteers and Christian students.  

  • implement strategy to reach CU international students.
  • Meet weekly for prayer and planning with ISM staff.
  • Recruit and disciple Christian internationals for leadership.
  • Help staff and students develop their gifts & passion for ministry.

2.  Evangelize, disciple and send international students to the world.  

  • Plan, organize and implement ongoing ISM activities(Bible studies, discipleship groups, Friday nights, English conversation groups, etc.).  
  • Plan, organize and implement special ISM events(holiday celebrations, outdoor recreation, conferences & retreats, service opportunities, etc.).
  • Follow-up new Christian internationals(establish them with fellowship, discipleship, leadership, and a heart to reach their countries for Christ).
  • Initiate a personal ministry of evangelism and discipleship with international students in Boulder.

3.  Develop ongoing relationships with the CU campus and local churches.  

  • Relate to the International Student Office and participate in international student events hosted by CU.
  • Relate to other CU campus ministries, especially those having an international student ministry.
  • Mobilize Boulder area churches to share in international student ministry (friendship partners, Friday night sponsors, ESL classes, airport pick-ups, ISM special events, etc.).